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Let me set the scene:


It's been a very long day. Life seems to be constantly changing on you. You can feel the heaviness weighing on you, and you know you need to take a moment for yourself to breathe and come back to center. You see a  yoga class in the library that is specifically geared towards balance and self-acceptance. You rent the class, and later that day you take your yoga mat into the living room with your smartphone, put in your earbuds, and begin your practice in the comfort of your home. In this moment you take a deep breath and  realize this is exactly what you needed. Bliss.

Pre-Recorded Classes

These online yoga classes have carefully edited voice over as to not compromise the sound and video quality. Fun music is layered over the instruction so you can enjoy the crystal clear beats while you practice. Search the category tab to find your favorite style of yoga and intensity level, and start your practice now.

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