Yoga is a proven cross-training method for athletes looking to optimize athletic performance and recovery.

Yoga is a highly structured activity that mimics critical aspects of athletic performance including balance, flexibly, muscular strength, muscle endurance, and coordination. Yoga is not meant to replace your conventional training, but to enhance it. Not only can it help build strength, stability, and mental toughness, it can also be a valuable tool for recovery and preventing injuries. So much of conventional training for sports disconnects our mind from our body. Athletes may ignore pain or push through injuries. This mind-body disconnection can lead to injury, long-term damage in the body, and/or chronic pain. The practice of yoga allows us to become more in tune with the body and the messages it is sending to your brain. With this mindful approach to the body, we can genuinely listen to the body's needs and respond accordingly with mindful intention.

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Zen Lab's Approach

When training for a sport, we sometimes can lose our connection with the body. When we don't listen to our body, that is when injuries or burnout can happen because we "push through" or "ignore" our pain/discomfort. In yoga, we go deeper into the mind body connection, listen to what the body is telling us, and  have a better relationship and deeper understanding of what the body is communicating to us.


The tools provided by practicing yoga have been proven to assist athletes in achieving optimal athletic performance no matter what sport they are training for. Some of the benefits are an increase in balance, stability, core strength, overall mental and physical strength, endurance, flexibility, injury prevention, and rest/recovery.


Yoga, like many other cross-training methods, generally should have an inverse relationship to your training. The beautiful thing about yoga is there is no one-size-fits-all. It is personal to your own needs. The core of my teaching is to assist in the exploration of your yoga practice, whether it be the beginning of your journey, or you are in the middle of it, in a welcoming and safe environment. I am committed to helping students develop their practice in a way that promotes your evolution and growth as an athlete.

Here's some data.

In Jan. 31, 2020, the Mayo Clinic released an article that talks about the effects of yoga where the focus is on stretching. Stretching is key for preventing injuries, because it increases blood flow to your muscles and improves the range of motion of your joints.

In 2016, Science Direct issued a report with findings that yoga can help you sleep. All athletes know, sleep is essential to recovery and next-day performance.

Not only does yoga help with injury-prevention and recovery, but it can also help with focus, concentration, and mental clarity. Mental strength is a massive component of being an athlete, and mindfulness training (through yoga) enhances endurance performance and executive functions in athletes found in this 2020 research report found in the National Center for Biotechnology Information.


  • Book a single online OR in person group yoga session

  • Up to 100 team members can participate in online group yoga session

  • Prices vary for in person yoga sessions

  • Customized program built around yoga and meditation that suits your athletic training demands

  • Promote recovery, injury prevention, and mental strength

  • Team bonding, build morale, and get together to train as a team


  • Two (2) 30 minute online team sessions

  • Two (2) 60 minute online team sessions

  • Access to the Concussion Recovery Video Series

  • Held online via Zoom

  • Keep your team healthy, focused and connected

  • Custom yoga sequences that best suit your training and practice demands

  • Flexible to meet your scheduling demands (ex. before/after practice, during the weekends, after work, etc)


Don't see what you are looking for? Custom packages are available upon request. I understand that the demands of your team are somewhat unpredictable right now. Or maybe you need more or less of any given session. All the more reason to create time and space for your athlete's mind and body to heal, recharge, and recover.