I'm Kristen - Founder of Zen Lab, Creator,

& Teacher

My practice is built on three main pillars listed in my mission statement; online access, affordability, and flexibility. I strive to make sure my students feel welcome, safe, and free of judgement with your online yoga and meditation practice. I teach multi-style yoga including vinyasa, hatha, restorative, and yin. My classes are all unique, sometimes with relevant themes to reflect upon, or no theme to let you set your own intention for the class, as well as fun music. Music is so important to me which is why it is a big part of my teaching and practice.


I hope to give you a slice in your day that you can have all to yourself to decompress, recover, recharge, energize, and rejuvenate. This online yoga practice is meant to be yours. It isn't about me, it is about you and your own unique journey. I aspire to empower my students to explore their edges and challenge possibilities when practicing yoga from home. So I pose a question.. what is it that you are looking for?


Zen Lab was created as an act of self-love as well as a greater desire to give back.

My Story

Yoga is a practice that I cultivated out of necessity. I dealt with a lot of nerve and muscle pain as a young athlete, and yoga was one of the only things that brought me physical relief. My love for the practice grew sustaining roots over time. I have been an athlete all my life, playing ultimate frisbee for Michigan State University, where I also obtained my bachelor's degree in advertising in 2012. After moving to Indianapolis to begin my working career, I pursued an MBA at the University of Indianapolis in 2019 while working full time. I continued to play competitive ultimate and also had the honor of playing for Indianapolis Red in 2018 and 2019, a local professional ultimate frisbee team in the Premier Ultimate League. Yoga has been a present force in the background of all of my accomplishments physically, mentally, and emotionally.

After working in Corporate America for 9 years, I suffered from major burnout, which I wrote about here. My body and mind were sending me clear messages that it was time to switch gears, but it took me so long to finally listen. I was always 'on' and moving in all sorts of directions without a very real and clear intention, which wasn't sustainable. I needed to make a major change for myself, but I also saw myself in others as many of my friends and family were struggling with the same thing. So in July of 2020 I took a step back (or better yet, a step inward) to reevaluate. This involved finding and setting intentions around my values.


I received my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate in September of 2020, and became registered with Yoga Alliance shortly after. I also went back to study Yin Yoga and became certified to teach Yin Yoga in March 2021. My journey here as a student and teacher is never-ending with plenty of lows and highs, and I'm truly beyond grateful you are here with me to share our journeys together.

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