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Survey For Future Business
Help guide the future of Zen Lab. Tell me what you like, don't like, want to see more of, less of, and what you think of prices. Complete the survey and receive a $5 coupon to apply to your next purchase.
Favorite Days For Live Online Classes
Best Time of Day For Live Classes (Eastern Time)
Would you download and participate in a live class recording if it was available?
a1) Have you attended private individual or group sessions?
a3) $20 30 minute individual private yoga session
a5) $50 hour long private group session (up to 30 people)
a4) $30 60 minute individual private yoga session
a6) $150 hour long corporate team session (up to 100 people)
b1) $30 Monthly Membership gives you 2 live classes and 2 half hour private sessions a month.
c1) $160 Annual Membership which gets you 30 half hour private sessions and unlimited access to live online yoga classes held weekly.
d1) $16.99 1 Month Class Pass, unlimited access to live online classes for a month.
e1) Have you or would you purchase yoga video downloads?
e3) $2.99 Yoga Video Renting for 24 hours
e5) $8 Yoga Video Download, access to download for all time.
Would you refer Zen Lab to your place of employment for a Corporate Partnership? (What if there was incentive?)