My mission is to reduce socioeconomic and physical barriers to yoga. Without the confines and walls of a studio, we can practice yoga anywhere or anytime.


I seek to bring a personal and unique approach to your online yoga practice. I strive to teach intimate classes with high-quality video while keeping class prices and private sessions far less expensive than in-studio classes or face-to-face sessions.


I am committed to helping students develop their practice in a way that promotes their evolution and growth.


Online access, affordability, and scheduling flexibility are three main pillars of my practice.

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Since this practice is online, you can access my classes and sessions on your computer, smart phone, or other device. You can practice anywhere, anytime (when time and space allows). I come to you.


Practicing online also provides my students with a blanket of anonymity. Move in a way that feels good to you. With anonymity, we gain a better understanding of what the pose feels like in our own body vs. what it looks like for other bodies.


With classes and sessions all online, I teach mainly by showing you the pose while I am verbally queuing you along in your practice. This is essential to my online teaching so you can see what I am doing and where my body is going, providing you with strong visual maps so you have an idea of how to move from one pose to another.


One of the biggest factors of expensive yoga classes is because of expensive costs of property or rent. Average in-studio hour long group yoga class prices can range from $15 - $25 per class. This type of price-range just isn't feasible for many people. The ones who may not be able to afford these classes are probably the ones that need yoga the most! Class registrations are $6 here. And, you can save a little more by buying the class passes in bulk.

If this price is still too high, please contact me, we can work something out.

I teach one free beginner-friendly yoga class a month. Each month, I hold a fundraiser for a different non-profit. If you have a non-profit that you would like to be sponsored by one of my classes, please contact me.


I'm not referring to flexible muscles here. This is all about you, your time, and your schedule. Book a time that fits around your schedule, whatever that might entail. If you need to work with me early before work or late after work, I'm here for you. Check out available times.


If you don't see a time that works for you, please contact me, and I will do my best to make it work.