Clearly defined class levels are important when establishing expectations.  Work within your comfort zone and book a class that is best suited for your current understanding of the practice of yoga. Each class and video have clearly defined categories so you can search the level and intensity you want. 


**Intensity doesn't not necessarily reflect difficulty, as beginner level yoga poses can also be high-intensity (ex. holding a high lunge for a longer period of time can still make your muscles burn). If ever you feel unsure about what the levels and intensity means, you can always come back to this resource , or contact me.

Warrior One


What level best describes your experience with yoga?

All Level: Suitable for all people from beginner to advanced.

Level 1 / Beginner - Moderate: No previous exposure to yoga required. Plenty of modifications and variations provided to help you find your own personal practice.

Level 2 / Moderate - Intermediate: Experienced Beginner. Some exposure to yoga is necessary. Some modifications and variations are provided.

Level 3 / Intermediate: For those who have a good knowledge and understanding of basic yoga poses and their names. Have a decent understanding of modifying poses on your their own without instruction.

Level 4 / Intermediate - Advanced: For those who have a solid understanding of yoga poses and comfortable performing advanced poses. They understand their personal practice well enough that they can modify on their own without instruction.


Push your limits, or unwind and relax. How intense do you want the practice to be?

*It is important to note that class level and class intensity are not always linked. You can select a high-intensity class that still suits a level 1 student. Make sure to search around and find what's right for you.

Ommm - Lowest intensity. Soothe and relax. Minimal movement. Heavy focus on stillness and/or meditation and stretching.

Namaste - Low to medium intensity. Minimal sweat. Hold poses for longer period of time. Heart rate may rise slightly. Some deep stretching, holding poses, and also meditation.

Heat It Up - Work your muscles, heat up the body, break a small sweat. Faster paced class to help increase the heart rate and challenge your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Seek your edge, experience breakthroughs.

On Fire - Be prepared with a towel ready to wipe away sweat. A challenging and powerful class where you can explore your edge and your inner strength. Prepare to be challenged.