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Jade Bloom 100% Pure Essential Oils

The healthiest pursuit for our bodies exists in the plants and soil given to us by mother nature as confirmed by modern day science. Jade Bloom empowers people to live healthy lifestyles through health, healing, and happiness with 100% pure essential oils. In every bottle, you're sure to enjoy pure, natural goodness. Jade Bloom also requires that the farms they purchase from only produce organic, pesticide-free, and non-GMO raw plants and seeds for their distillery.


Jade Bloom's entire staff are essential oil users and they understand what matters most, in addition to trusting that you are using the highest quality oils in the world. Their attention to these details sets Jade Bloom above the rest with a value proposition that provides their customers with trust, usability, selection, convenience, and price.


Yoga Box

Promote Tranquility, Pure Bliss, Mind, Respect, and Presence with this Jade Bloom Exclusive Yoga Blend Pack.
This box set is not only a great way to add to your Jade Bloom Oil collection but also makes a great gift for the Yogi in your life. 

Blend Pack

Includes our 4 most popular selling blends in a full-size 10ml bottle: PROTECT, RELIEF, SOOTHE, and UNWIND. Each of these blends are Jade Bloom favorites, and we highly recommend them for any essential oil user.

body mind soul.png

Body, Mind, Soul Set

Take the Body, Mind & Soul 30-day challenge and see how it changes your life. This kit comes with 1 single oil, 2 blends and 1 info card explaining the challenge.

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Skin Revitalizing Kit

Put your best face forward this winter. Winter can become synonymous with dry skin, so fight back naturally with our Skin Revitalizing Kit.


All-natural and revitalizing deodorant and bathroom spray.


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Shop all products under $10, including essential oils, deodorant, soaps, and sprays.

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