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Keep your staff happy and healthy. Provide a yoga program to reduce stress and anxiety.

Your employees choose you every day just as much as you choose them. Employees are at risk, with 40% of employees citing burnout as a top reason for leaving their job, according to the latest Limeade Employee Care Report on the Great Resignation. That's almost half your staff! (Also, I was one of them. Read about my story.) Reducing burnout in the workplace and further knowing how to prevent employee burnout is crucial for the sake of retention and overall employee well-being. One proven way to help your staff cope is to take preventative measures, to encourage downtime, and to invest in health and wellness programs that can boost your employees health and well-being. Yoga and meditation are proven methods to help prevent burnout, reduce stress and anxiety, and encourages mental health and relaxation. Schedule online yoga classes for you remote team, or I can come to you in your office and lead in-person yoga and meditation sessions. Learn more about partnership options below.

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The benefits of yoga are innumerable, and bringing these into the workplace have very real effects.

A systematic review published by the CDC of 56 published studies of worksite health programs showed that well-implemented workplace health programs can lead to 25% savings each on absenteeism, health care costs, and workers’ compensation and disability management claims costs. Not only does the employer save money on healthcare costs, but so does the employee!

Bringing yoga into the office lowers stress, prevents injury, increases productivity and creativity, improves morale and camaraderie, and decreases the frequency of sick or personal days taken. Really the numbers speak for themselves.


  • One-time online OR in person yoga class

  • Online group sessions up to 100 employees

  • In person yoga class rates vary

  • Customized program built around yoga and meditation that suits your work demands

  • Encourages a healthy work-life balance to prevent burnout

  • Promote focus, self-care, healing, and centering in the workforce

  • Schedule before work, during lunch, after work, or on the weekends


Create time and space for your team for the mind and body to heal and recharge. We can mix and match online and/or in person classes to create the perfect custom solution at for you and your employees. I understand the high-pressure work demands and I am willing to work something out that suits your situation. Contact me and let's schedule a time to chat.

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