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Concussion Recovery Series

In Partnership with Midwest Concussion Clinic

Since it is commonly prescribed that those suffering from a concussion avoid any exercise that would elevate the heart rate, breathing exercises or meditation can be a solution for some.  A gentle yoga practice can offer cognitive, physical, and emotional improvements for someone healing from a concussion. Rent or Buy videos individually or purchase unlimited access for the full series for two full years.

Stretching on Yoga Mat


Start your practice with level 1 practice 1 as a baseline for your yoga journey. The first practice is free to download and you can always come back to it. Level 1 is the most gentle level of them all, and you can do the whole series on a couch or in bed. Please take each practice mindfully, and pause or rest at any point if you need to.


Level 2 takes it up a notch. Still gentle, but with core connection movements. Level 2 should be done on the ground and not in bed. I encourage you to keep a pillow under your head to keep the head raised over the heart if you feel any discomfort, but it is not required.


Level 3 takes it up yet another notch. You will get up and stand, testing your balance and spatial awareness on your feet. Level 3 is meant to challenge you and is not meant for those who have recently suffered a concussion. You will also work to get the heart rate up just a tad.