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I'm Kristen - Founder, Creator, & Teacher

My practice is built on three main pillars listed in my mission statement; online access, affordability, and flexibility. I strive to make sure my students feel welcome, safe, and free of judgement with your online yoga and meditation experience. Follow along with my visual movements, postures, and verbal queues so you never have to wonder where we are going next. My classes are all unique, sometimes with relevant themes to reflect upon, or no theme to let you set your own intention for the class, as well as fun music. I hope to give you a slice in your day that you can have all to yourself to decompress, recover, recharge, energize, and rejuvenate. This online yoga practice is meant to encourage mind body wellness and work life balance. I aspire to empower my students to explore their edges and challenge possibilities when practicing from home.


Zen Lab values your background, beliefs, gender + orientation, identity. This is a safe place. We honor this, and anything less will not be tolerated.



Senior Couple Doing Yoga


Kristen's power yoga class is a full body workout, but still feels like a yoga class. I love it!

Yoga Practice


Zen Lab has helped me so much already in my yoga journey and conveniently worked around my schedule to meet my fitness goals.

Yoga by the Pool


Kristen puts so much time and care into each of her sessions. Everything from the theme, intention, music, ambiance, etc. is intentional and thoughtful.

With love, from Kristen.